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This is not our first rodeo, we know how to win and have fun along the way. We entered the BBQ category because it's ripe for disruption, and our strategy is already working. We are winning with disruptive product, sales and marketing, and most importantly, an extraordinary team.


To help further develop our culture, we invested in a purpose-built headquarters in Smoke Lake City, Utah. Our new state-of-the-art facility houses our office, indoor and outdoor kitchens, full outdoor deck and includes bike/running paths, showers, happy hours, BBQ Classes, pop-up restaurants, events and more.


Some of the best cooks, chefs, influencers, events and media outlets are lining up to partner with us to grow awareness and buzz for the brand. We will grow by building on the lifestyle that brings more people together to create a more flavorful world, through making it simple to cook outdoors with wood.